Over 8,000 ‘intelligence inputs’ on J&K in 2017 : report

Over 8,000 of the total 30,019 “intelligence inputs” received by various agencies across India in 2017 were related to Jammu and Kashmir, a media report said Saturday.

“More than one-third of the intelligence inputs and security threats received by state and central agencies across India in 2017 had to do with left-wing insurgency. The intelligence inputs relate to a multitude of issues such as terrorist threats, left-wing extremism, militancy in Kashmir and north eastern states, law and order situation and communal strife,” the Hindustan Times(HT) quoted a home ministry official as saying.

The official said the data are collected on monthly basis by various security and intelligence agencies, collated and then shared with the concerned state and central government authorities. According to the data obtained by HT, 30,019 intelligence inputs were received by agencies across India in 2017 (until the end of September ).

“The data, divided in four categories, shows left-wing extremism made up for 10,898 or 36.3% of the total inputs. The other three are Jammu and Kashmir (27.72% or 8,321 inputs), Northeast militancy (6,651) and ‘Rest of India’ (4,149 inputs or 13.82%),” the HT report said.


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