Army Chief for ‘some checks and curbs’ on internet, social media

There is a need to put some checks and curbs on internet as well as social media so that “terrorism can be dealt with,” Indian Army Chief General Bipin Rawat said on Wednesday.

Speaking at an event in New Delhi, Gen Rawat acknowledged  that in a “democratic country people would not like it, but they have to take a call on whether they want a safe and secure environment and whether they were willing to accept curbs temporarily so terrorism can be dealt with,” according to The Indian Express.

He said threat of nuclear and chemical weapons falling into the hands of “terrorists could spell disaster for humanity.”

“Terrorists are using systems which are highly technology enabled and transcending international borders. We need to disrupt terrorists and their sponsors. We need to identify nations who are sponsors,” he said.

Without naming Pakistan which India accuses of supporting militant groups in Jammu and Kashmir, he said: “Nation states that support terror to achieve their ends need to be tackled first.

“Terrorism is here to stay, unless the entire international community joins hands, comes together and fights this menace. Only then we can see peace… Terrorism cannot be a new form of warfare.

“This is what nations believe, this is going to be a new form of warfare. It has been seen that nations which spread terrorism invariably become victims of terrorist activities. If they want a safe home, it is better to stop this and let the global community work together.”

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