Bhutan currency used as legal tender in Assam: Reports

Srinagar: As India reels under demonetisation effect, people in Assam are compelled to use Bhutanese currency, exchanged against de-valued notes of Rs 500 and Rs 1000, a media report said.

Bhutanese currency was exchanged in areas near the Bhutan border in Kokrajhar district, the report claims.

While Bhutan currency is used in normal times too, its use is very limited and mostly confined for dealings across the border, the report added.

“But local people told television channels that they are now being compelled to use Bhutanese currency, exchanged against de-valued Indian high denomination notes of Rs 500 and Rs 1000,” the report said.

An Indian note of Rs 500 is exchanged for Rs 400 worth of Bhutanese currency, while a Bhutanese Rs 500 note is held for its face value. The situation was the reverse prior to the demonetisation move, when Indian Rs 500 fetched as much and the Bhutanese Rs 500 was taken for value of Rs 400, the report said further.

Local people, the report added, while speaking to newsmen said the nearest banks and ATMs are located 50-60 km away through bad roads and there is no surety of getting notes exchanged even if one visits the branches and stands in long queues.

“We are being forced to use Bhutanese currency in these parts. If the government could send mobile money vending machines, it would help us immensely,” the report quoted a local who spoke to a news channel.

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