BJP leader calls journalists ‘Pakistan supporters’ for not chanting ‘Bharat Mata’ slogans

Srinagar, August 9

A Bharatiya Janata Party leader in Bihar has sparked a controversy by calling journalists “Pakistani supporters” after they refused to raise their arms and chant “Bharat Mata ki Jai” slogans.

While addressing the media persons at a function on Tuesday, Minister Vinod Kumar raised Bharat Mata slogans and asked people to follow the chant while raising their hands, according to media reports.

When some journalists refrained from following the instructions, Singh said, “I can see some people are not raising their hands, are those supporters of Pakistan?”

“First you are a son of “Bharat Mata’ then you could be a brother of media and electronic media,” he reportedly said.

Singh holds the ministry of Mines and Geology in the newly formed JDU-BJP government in Bihar.


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