‘You carried out 57,800 attacks on Afghanistan from our bases,’ Pakistan minister to US

Days after US President Donald Trump accused Pakistan of giving nothing to US but ‘lies and deceit’, Foreign Minister Khawaja Asif shot back saying Islamabad has done enough and the US must not put the blame of their failed policies and actions on them.

Taking to Twitter, Asif said, “You have asked what did we do? A dictator surrendered on a single phone call, our country witnessed the worse bloodbath, you carried out 57,800 attacks on Afghanistan from our bases, your forces were supplied arms and explosives through our soil, thousands of our civilians and soldiers became victims of the war initiated by you.”

Trump had also accused Pakistan of providing “safe haven” to terrorists in return for USD 33 billion aid over the last 15 years. Asif categorically rejected the US’ claims that it had provided USD 33 billion aid over the last 15 years to Pakistan, saying it was ‘hollow and imprecise’. He reiterated that Pakistan will not compromise on its territorial integrity at any cost and that while the country is ready to resolve issues via bilateral means, it will not do so at the stake prestige.


He added that Pakistan considered US’ enemies as its own time and again, and rendered services relentlessly. Pakistan left its sources running dry for the sake of the war on terrorism that the US required the nation to fight, he added.


“We considered your enemy as our own, we filled the Guantanamo Bay, we served you with such an enthusiasm that we left our country with load shedding and gas shortage. We tried to please you on the cost of our economy, we provided tens of thousands of visas as a result of which the networks of Black Water spread across our country,” he said.


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