Kashmir: The year ahead and beyond

Kashmir: The year ahead and beyond

2017 will probably not go down as one of the worst years in recent history. But, on a personal level, most Kashmiris felt fatigue, frustration, and a sense of despondency about how life in Kashmir would probably never change for the better. Life, since 1989, has become a cycle from boom to bust on repeat mode, […]

Has the Hurriyat hit the dead end? Yes. No. May be

Has the Hurriyat hit the dead end? Yes. No. May be

After being roasted for its mishandling of the 2016 uprising, the unified Hurriyat Conference seems to be facing an existential crisis. Despite all its flaws, the Hurriyat represents an important resistance political force in Kashmir. But whether united or separate, it has always appeared as an entity belabouredly struggling on in the rough and tumble […]

Blind us. All

The most disturbing news that came a few weeks ago was the induction of thousands of pellet guns into Kashmir for use against civilians. Efforts to increase the number of these guns from the current 640 to an unbelievable 5589 is already on fast-track anvil. These 12-bore pump action guns fire bursts of irregularly-shaped metallic […]

Between the lines and red lines

Where do you draw a line where media freedom should end? That is an old debate. Its contours are shaped by the times you live in, the system you work in and, of course, the biases of those whom you ask. If we reframe this question and ask: where do you draw a line where […]


More heads usually means better decisions. When the Hurriyat leaders put theirs together after decades of separation, one thought this basic rule would apply. But as always the Hurriyat leaders proved themselves what they are: a massive disappointment. And these are no ordinary times we are talking about. At one end, the current times are […]

Misogynists. Patriarchal. Sure, call us names

In a long monologue recently delivered by Chief Minister Mehbooba Mufti in the assembly, there were a few words of significant import. Usually Mehbooba’s belaboured statements have little substance but a lot more self-serving rhetoric, self-defence inanities and perpetual references to her late father’s imagined ‘vision’. This statement, made in the context of the alleged […]

Our dirty dark underbelly

That a large number of Kashmiris are involved in spying for the state is a fact all too well known. It is probably ‘normal’ in a place like Kashmir where people see the state as an entity of occupation and the state is constantly looking for collaborators and informers to maintain its writ. The people […]

The Mehbooba Moment?

After Mufti Mohammad Sayeed’s death, analysts believed his daughter would step into his place without any hassles. Many expected Mehbooba Mufti to re-brand the party and effect a change from her father’s surreptitious ways of conducting politics. But the way she has gone around things post-Mufti shows ambivalence and ambiguity are in the DNA of […]

Beyond commonplace

Kashmir Narrator welcomes you on board. We are taking a small step. Towards you. Towards some serious journalism. We are not promising any path breaking journalism though. Nor is this magazine a terms-and-conditions publication set by those who draw illicit power from Kashmir’s multiple political and security faultlines, some of which stretch across the border. […]