Humanity shamed again in Kashmir, newborn left to die on Srinagar road

Srinagar: Humanity was shamed again in Jammu and Kashmir summer capital Srinagar’s Downtown area where a newborn male baby was left on the roadside on Friday. 

Reports came in the early morning that a dead male newborn baby was lying outside the Gungbaksh(RA) park in Nowhatta area of Downtown Srinagar.

“We received reports around 8:30 in the morning that a newborn baby is lying outside the park. We sent our team and took the newborn to the hospital where doctors declared him brought dead. It seemed that the baby was born the previous night,” Station-House Officer Nowhatta Police Station Waseem Ahmad told Narrator over the phone.

It is not for the first time that a newborn baby was thrown on the roadside in Srinagar. Sometimes, the “unneeded babies” are dumped in hospital dustbins.

Recently, this January, a baby girl was left to dogs in Lal Ded hospital only to be rescued by a kind soul.

In 2015, a dog carried a dead newborn in his mouth and paraded in Press Enclave. The trend, unfortunately, has gathered momentum as more and more newborn babies are found on roads and hospital dustbins.

Social activist and poet Zareef Ahmad Zareef said that this reflects the failure of religious leadership who has turned the pulpits into “corporate PRO stations where they vomit their sectarian debris”.

There are exceptions among them, Zareef said, who try to focus on “growing inhumanness” in the society and try to find a solution for the same.

Featured picture of newborn baby who was found on Friday morning in Nowhatta, Srinagar

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