I see Omar Abdullah as next CM of JK, says ex-RAW chief Dulat

Next coalition in Kashmir will be what it was in 1986-‘87, a Congress-National Congress coalition. That is the way I look at it

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Srinagar: Amarjit Singh Dulat, former chief of India’s Research and Analysis Wing (RAW), has said that he believes Omar Abdullah will return as chief minister of Jammu Kashmir in a Congress-National Congress coalition government.

Dulat said that the local parties have realised long ago that one party can never form a majority government in the conflict-hit state.

“Kashmir has come full circle. Kashmiris wont agree with this statement easily. I say that the next election, I see Omar Abdullah as the chief minister. No party in the Valley can form a single majority government,” the Hindustan Times quoted Dulat as saying while delivering a lecture in Pune.

“Next coalition in Kashmir will be what it was in 1986-‘87, a Congress-National Congress coalition. That is the way I look at it,” said Dulat, also a former Director of the Intelligence Bureau (IB).

He criticised India for not being able to “accommodate Kashmir”. “I do not think we understand how much a Kashmiri wants to talk and how much he wants to be heard. When there is so much chaos, no one wants to hear anything. Kashmiris do not want much. The azadi (freedom) that they want, if I could try and describe it, is accommodation. They want their honour, dignity and most of all, justice. Such a big country like India, can we not accommodate one little Muslim majority state within the Indian unit? Can we not give them a promise, this great country of ours? That is all that is required,” he said.

Speaking about the possible backlash of his statement, Dulat said, “I know that when this appears in the press, I know I will be challenged. Kya baat kar rahe ho? Yeh azadi hai kya? (What are you saying? What is this freedom?) Kashmiris will ask me, did we ask for accommodation? Is that why we gave up so many lives?) And in Delhi, no one will listen anyway. But, this is it, the basic requirement.”

Throughout the lecture Dulat, according to the report, exclaimed, more than once, that accession is not an option for the country. Speaking about an old conversation with Yashwant Sinha, who has also spent considerable time in the Valley, Dulat said, “He went to the Valley this one time and upon returning he said that we are losing the Valley. I said, no, we are not losing the Valley. We will never lose the Valley. Kashmir will always remain in India, but someone should at least try to understand it.”


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