India conducting a brutal campaign in Kashmir: Pankaj Mishra

Srinagar: “Since July Indian security forces have conducted a brutal campaign in Kashmir; they have killed nearly a hundred people and injured thousands, including many children,” Indian essayist and novelist Pankaj Mishra wrote in an opinion piece in The New York Times on Sunday.

Mishra also wrote about Modi’s ascendency to power and how he behaved as an “opportunistic manipulator of disaffection with little to offer apart from the pornography of power and a bogus fantasy of machismo”.

The author of From The Ruins of Empire also wrote that Trump was following Modi’s model of demagoguery to occupy the most the powerful position in the United States.

“More important, Modi grasped then, as astutely as Trump does now, the terrible political potency of ressentiment. Positioning himself in the gap between the self-righteous beneficiaries of globalisation and irascible masses, he claimed to be  the son of a modest tea-vendor who had dared to challenge the corrupt old dynasties of quasi-foreign liberals,” Mishra wrote in the article.

The Indian author also criticised “mendacious media” of India which stokes hatred against “enemies of rising India as Kashmiri separatists and their Pakistani supporters”.

Mishra also put on record that present Indian Prime Minister “was accused of supervising mass murder and gang rapes of Muslims — and consequently was barred from travel to the United States for nearly a decade — and that none of that prevented him from being elected to India’s highest office,”.

“B.R. Ambedkar, the main framer of India’s constitution, warned in the 1950s that democracy in India was ‘only a top dressing on an Indian soil, which is essentially undemocratic.’ Now the top dressing is being hosed away,” Mishra wrote in the same article.

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