Jamia Millia students asked to leave NCC camp over sporting beard

Jamia Millia students asked to leave NCC camp over sporting beard

A group of students from Jamia Millia Islamia, who were attending a National Cadet Corps (NCC) camp in Delhi, have said they were asked to leave the camp on the fifth day for sporting beards.

A group of 35-40 students from Jamia were taking part in a 10-day NCC camp that started on December 19 at Rohini. Students alleged that on Saturday 10 of them were asked to either leave the camp or shave their beard, Hindustan Times reports.

Students claimed they had been attending the camps with beard and it has never been a problem before.

“I have been with NCC for three years now and I am a junior under officer (JUO). Ten of us who had a beard were asked to shave it or leave the camp. We refused to leave without a movement order but weren’t issued one so we stayed outside the gate of the camp on Saturday night,” Dilshad Ahmad, one of the 10 students, said.

Ahmad said that on Sunday, one of the students accepted a letter issued by the NCC that he was leaving on account of discipline and NCC rules. “Only one student accepted the letter as a proof but nine others have not accepted the letter,” he said,

University vice-chancellor Talat Ahmad on Monday met the students and said he would look into the issue.

“I met the students who claimed they were asked to leave as they had a beard. But nothing of this sort has been given to them in writing. One of them showed a letter issued by NCC that said they were asked to leave over NCC rules and act. I will speak to higher officials and find out about the NCC rules to resolve this matter,” the V-C said.

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