Kashmir must be given chance of ‘Brexit’-style vote: British MPs

Kashmir must be given chance of ‘Brexit’-style vote: British MPs

Srinagar: The people of Kashmir must be given the same right to take control of their future as the one exercised by the UK in the EU referendum, British MPs said, a media report said on Thursday.

“An upsurge in violence in the region and increased tension between India and Pakistan has prompted MPs to call on the Government to encourage both parties to work towards a peaceful solution with the interests of Kashmiris at its heart,” the report said.

Tories David Nuttall and Philip Davies said Kashmiris should be afforded the same right to self-determination as was given to the British people in the form of the Brexit vote, the report added.

Nuttall, the chairman of the all-party parliamentary group on Kashmir, said he appreciated the Government needed to “tread a careful path” to avoiding harming relations with India or Pakistan, the report added.

“But a candid and true friend is one who sometimes says things that the other friend may find unpalatable,” he was quoted by the report to have said.

“I want to see the people of Kashmir being given the right to decide their own future, the right to self-determination, a right so historically exercised by the people of this country on the 23rd of June last year when the majority voted to leave the European Union.

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