Pepper, tear gas choke Habba Kadal residents

Srinagar: Intense stone-pelting took place in Habba Kadal area of downtown Srinagar today evening. Police and para-military forces resorted to tear-gas and pepper shelling to restrain the protestors.

The entire area was choked by tear-gas and pepper gas, causing “a lot of inconvenience to the elderly” who were heading to prayers in mosques, said a local.

The youth of the area usually hurl stones and rocks at a CRPF bunker situated in between the old and new Habba Kadal in the evenings. The para-military forces, in turn, chase the youth and fire tear-gas shells and pepper shells to quell the protests.

“This has become a routine here. The stench of pepper gases is unbearable. It lingers in the lungs for a long time and causes intense pain,” said another local.

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