Rajdeep nails Arnab’s ‘lie’ about covering Gujarat riots, says ‘he wasn’t there’

Republic TV chief Arnab Goswami’s claim that Hindu rioters had attacked his car while covering Gujarat riots has been dismissed as a lie by former colleague Rajdee Sardesai.

Just hours after Sardesai, the Consulting Editor of India Today, called out Goswami’s claim in a video that his car was attacked by rioters while covering Gujarat riots in 2002, the video was taken down from YouTube.

Sardesai Tweeted, “Wow! My friend Arnab claims his car attacked next to CM Res in Guj riots! Truth:he wasn’t covering Ahmedabad riots!!” He referred to his book ‘2014: The Election that Changed India’, saying “Yes, incident which Arnab speaks of did happen. Only he wasn’t there, some of us who actually were on ground zero were! (Read my 2014 book)” “Fekugiri has its limits, but seeing this, I feel sorry for my profession, ” he tweeted.

Sanjeev Singh, a senior journalist, who used to work with Sardesai and who was on the ground with him to report Gujarat riots, testified that Arnab was  lying in the video. Singh tweeted, “Astonishing revelation considering Arnab wasn’t in Gujarat when this incident took place with @sardesairajdeep.

Following barrage of tweets on the topic, Sardesai has requested his followers not to comment on his timeline. But left a strong message, saying “Ask questions/seek answer from those who need to answer, not me. Bye!”

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