Realisation among Kashmiris they cannot cede away from India: Army chief

Indian Army Chief General Bipin Rawat on Wednesday said the people of Kashmir “in general are getting tired of terrorism” as “it has not given them what they desired for.”

“You cannot cede away from India. People have realised that. Some have got radicalised… I feel most of them want to join the mainstream,” General Rawat was quoted as saying by The Indian Express at an event in New Delhi.

He added that the “deradicalisation campaign” needs to continue. “If that continues, we will soon be able to put an end to terrorism in Kashmir.”

Gen Rawat recently called for exercising “some control” over mosques and madrassas in Jammu and Kashmir, claiming they were “radicalizing” the youth.

He also berated government-run schools in Kashmir for imparting “disinformation” and “wrong” education to students, citing the example of “two maps” being taught in schools.


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