Azadi sentiment will remain alive even if you kill all militants:  Mirwaiz to Delhi

Hurriyat Conference(M) chairman Mirwaiz Umar Farooq Friday said the Government of India was mistaken if it thinks it can resolve the Kashmir issue by killing militants.

The Mirwaiz, who was released from house detention after 57 days,  said that “killing militants will not kill the azadi sentiment as is evident from the participation of not thousands but lakhs of people in their funeral prayers.”

“Each day, young educated boys are being killed and there is a belief in some that once all of them are killed, the problem will be over. But those that think this forget that these boys took to arms as a reaction to repression and for the resolution of the dispute, and as long as there is repression and force as a state response, while you may kill one, ten more will stand up,” Mirwaiz  said in his first Friday sermon at Srinagar’s historic Jamia Majid in two months.

“The agitation and protests by students in colleges and universities across the Valley that force the state to frequently shut them down again indicate to how the youth of Kashmir sees the situation and his reaction to it,” he said.

He  said that for the past 70 years, people of Kashmir are “born, raised, live and die” with the fact that Kashmir is a disputed place awaiting a final resolution.

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