Shabir Shah to donate his eyes posthumoulsy

Srinagar: The Democratic Freedom Party (DFP) chairman Shabir Ahmad Shah on Friday decided to donate his eyes posthumously to those “whose eyesight was snatched by the PDP’s ‘vision’”.
“It is my deep desire that my eyes be donated to any of those who lost their eyes during the ongoing ‘Intifada’. Let my eyes help anyone see the world again. As one eye donation can make two blind people see, let’s make the eye donation a tradition,” Shah, who is languishing in Raj Bagh police station since last four months, was quoted in the statement.
Shah appealed the doctors, youths, and medical experts “to start a campaign for setting up an eye bank in the State”.         “We can take such step and donate our eyes for our children the same way some generous people donate their organs like kidney to the needy,” the statement added.
Shah also expressed gratitude towards Turkish President for giving “moral support to Kashmir cause”, the statement added.

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