‘Superpower’ US fails to eliminate Taliban, admits Obama

‘Superpower’ US fails to eliminate Taliban, admits Obama

Srinagar: US President Barack Obama Tuesday acknowledged the situation in Afghanistan was still tough, asserting his administration had been instrumental in dismantling the Al Qaeda terrorist network, a news gathering agency reported on Wednesday.

“I don’t wanna paint too rosy a picture. The situation in Afghanistan is still tough. War has been a part of life in Afghanistan for over 30 years and the US cannot eliminate the Taliban in that country,” Obama was quoted by the agency to have said .

“But what we can do is deny Al-Qaeda a safe haven, and what we can do is support Afghans who want a better future,” Obama was quoted to have said in a speech on his administration’s counter-terrorism approach.

With that in mind, Obama said, his government had worked with theAfghan military and the unity government, the report added.

“Today, by any measure, core Al-Qaeda, the organisation that hit us on 9/11, is a shadow of its former self. Plots directed from within Afghanistan and Pakistan had been consistently disrupted. Its leadership has been decimated. Dozens of terrorist leaders have been killed…”

Importantly, he continued, the US had built a counter-terrorism capability that could sustain this pressure against any network in South Asia that might threaten America. That was because of the work of US service members, Obama was quoted by the report to have said.

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