Syria war: Thousands uprooted from rebel-held east Aleppo

Syria war: Thousands uprooted from rebel-held east Aleppo

Srinagar: Thousands of civilians have left rebel-held eastern Aleppo districts, as the Syrian army continues its offensive to take full control over the city, the BBC reported on Monday.

The Syrian Observatory for Human Rights said as many as 10,000 residents fled to government-controlled western areas and a Kurdish-run northern district, the report said.

Syrian state media put the number at more than 1,500, while Russia said that 2,500 civilians had left, the report said, adding, that the army wants to split the rebel-held east, after seizing several districts.

The BBC report said, “It is hard to get a clear picture of how events are unfolding in eastern Aleppo, but it is being reported that:

Government forces have made inroads into Sakhour neighbourhood

The army has taken the district of Holok, according to Reuters news agency Government forces have also seized Baadeen, Jabal Badra, Inzarat, al-Sakan, al-Shaabi and Ain al-Tall, according to the UK-based observatory

The army took control over Hanano district on Saturday Seven-year-old Bana Alabed, who has gathered thousands of Twitter followers with her tweets from Aleppo, said on Sunday that her home in the east of the city had been bombed.”

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