Will change DNA of misguided Kashmiris: Sri Sri

Will change DNA of misguided Kashmiris: Sri Sri

Srinagar: Sri Sri Ravi Shanker, an Indian spiritual guru and founder of Art of Living organisation, on Wednesday said there is a need to change the DNA of misguided Kashmiris, a media report said on Thursday.

“We are here to change of genes of those who created troubles in the Valley. The mistrust and fear, which has made its way into their DNA, we will try to change that. Moreover, scientists have proved that DNA can be changed,” Sri Sri was quoted by the report to have said while talking to reporters after launching South Asian Peace Forum Programme in Jammu on Wednesday.

“The forum was launched with an objective to have a firsthand authentic account of the affairs of Kashmir from the people of great understanding and comprehension about Kashmir and its affairs. 90% of neglected people of Kashmir want peace and development, but they have been left behind. There was an urgent need for building a platform for neglected areas and population of the society,” the report further quoted Shanker to have said.

“It was felt that ideas and thoughts of intellectuals and common man of Kashmir Valley are heard and we cannot remain prisoners to a particular ideology. To work with fresh mindset in this direction, this forum was launched,” the report quoted him to have said.

“Many ‘Imams’ with tears in their eyes complain that nobody, even from the government, is interested in listening to us. They want peace and progress but complain that nobody is willing to listen to their concerns.”

Shama Sondhi, who has been a part of AOL’s Kashmir operations since the beginning in 1994, told the Indian Express in September this year, “We have more than 3,000 people connected to us directly from across Kashmir. We have young boys and girls, school teachers, business people, government servants, etc, who go to their mohallas and villages and rope in more people. But we have stayed low-key to avoid unnecessary attention.”

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