Armed resistance part of every freedom movement; won’t accept Daesh, Al-Qaeda: Sehrai

Armed resistance part of every freedom movement; won’t accept Daesh, Al-Qaeda: Sehrai

Srinagar: Recently elected chairman of Tehreek-I-Hurriyat (TeH), one of the constituents of Syed Ali Geelani-led Hurriyat faction, said that Kashmiri youth “spill their blood for freedom” as “Islam tells us to rise against the tyrant”.

Muhammad Ashraf Sehrai, who was elected as interim TeH chairman after Geelani resigned from the post, also said that armed resistance is an “integral part of every freedom movement”.

“Our youth spill their blood for freedom. They pick up arms against the tyrant and Islam also tells us to rise against the tyrant. I believe armed resistance is an integral part of every freedom movement in the world. Look at Palestine, they have Hamas. When India was struggling for freedom, there was armed resistance by Bhagat Singh and his colleagues. So, political struggle and armed resistance run parallel in every freedom movement,” Sehrai was quoted as saying in an interview published by Kashmir Ink today.

The comments came two days after Sehrai’s son, Junaid Khan, joined rebel outfit Hizbul Mujahideen.

However, the TeH chairman maintained that they don’t have any global agenda.

“Our agenda is simple: that we want Kashmir to be free from Indian occupation. Daesh and Al-Qaeda have nothing to do with our movement and we will never accept them. It could be the handiwork of agencies that are keen to defame our movement and undermine its indigenous character. They are trying to divide us into sects so they can strengthen their roots here. Look at Iraq, Syria, Libya and other Muslim countries where people have been divided into sects, and see how the enemy is ruling there now,” Sehrai said, adding that, Daesh [Arabic acronym for ISIS] is a creation of American think tanks.

He also said that those waving black flags in the Valley are “strengthening the Indian occupation”.

“They show the world that Kashmiris are extremists who deserve to be killed,” he said.

Sehrai asked those militant groups who don’t want a merger with Pakistan to “fight the Indian occupation first” and let people decide what they want to do.

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