When Dujana warned Musa against revealing ‘pinpoint location’ to ‘people across’

When Dujana warned Musa against revealing ‘pinpoint location’ to ‘people across’

An audio clip of purported telephonic conversations between slain Pakistani militant Abu Dujana and Zakir Musa a month before the latter split from the Hizbul Mujahideen to form Al-Qaeda-linked Ansar Ghazwat-Ul-Hind in Kashmir was released on the internet on Thursday.

Dujana, who was killed in an encounter in south Kashmir in August this year after eluding government forces for nearly seven years, is heard warning Musa against giving “pinpoint location” to “paar waale log” or people across in the clip released by ‘Al Sindh’ media cell of the Ansar Ghazwat-Ul-Hind.

“Brother, I spoke to the people across yesterday and they wanted me to release an audio . They wanted me to say that you are creating a fitna (discord) in Kashmir and I’m not associated with Zakir Musa. And please hold your breath while I tell you something else. They said that you had given pinpoint location of Abbas bhai who was martyred. I don’t understand what’s going on…”

In reply, Zakir says: “Friend, didn’t  I tell you….yesterday I was talking with Rehaan and Abdullah they were telling me  your ‘paar walay’ (people across the border) are seeking your pinpoint location. It has happened many times. Rehaan told me that after giving the pinpoint location raids would take place. He told me Tanveer’s story as well. That’s why I was telling you yesterday to take care of yourself. Please remember us in your prayers.”

Dujana says that he was asked to denounce Musa in a video as well.

“They asked me to issue a video saying Zakir was wrong. I said I can’t say Zakir is wrong . I told them I am no more associated with Lashkar or Hizb . They asked if I was joking? I said I was not. You stay well and do not worry. I am with you, Allah is with you . Everybody knows who is right and who is wrong ,” he says.

“It’s true that they keep asking for pinpoint (location) but I refuse. Whoever gives his pinpoint gets killed. That’s why I don’t give pinpoint (location). I know everything everybody does and from where. Please keep yourself safe because you have all this responsibility on you.”

Dujana says that he “told them to leave me alone for the sake of Allah.”

He says  there was “no doubt that you (Zakir)  are right one hundred percent .”

“ What do you have to do with those paar walas( people across.) Let them go to hell. I don’t stay in touch with them. Brother, a huge fitna has come up. Somebody told me yesterday who is this Zakir Musa? He is not doing Jihad. He has created a fitna. I said what have you got to do with that. There is a lot of talk like this going on. That’s why I am saying, please keep yourself safe. Don’t trust anybody.”

Zakir  asks Dujana to stay away from “these Pakistani parties.”

“There is also a saying of the Prophet(SAW)  that even if you are alone but on the righteous path you are a party yourself.  You know what these people are doing . As far as their claim that I am creating a fitna is concerned, only time will tell . Insha Allah, we will close down their shops,” he says.

Dujana warns Zakir against sending new recruits into the “field.”

“Right. Who else will I tell? It’s just you and me so we keep saying all this to each other. Keep one thing in mind. These new boys they have sent  you , do not send them out in the field . I told you yesterday I don’t have anything to do with Lashkar, Jaish, Hizb or TM. I will carry on as long as I am alive. I know who is who. After all , I have had meals in Kashmir for six-seven years. I know what happens here,” he says.

Zakir also asks Dujana not to trust anybody, saying he had “heard from our brothers what has happened to you( Dujana.)

Dujana says he has made it “clear that I am not with anybody. There was a lot of hue and cry that I have joined you. I said he is my brother, friend. We have a lot of love and respect for each other. Why do you have a problem with that? These sycophants of paar walas are complaining.”

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