Factions of army, judiciary sabotage democracy in Pakistan: Nawaz

Factions of army, judiciary sabotage democracy in Pakistan: Nawaz

Ousted  Pakistani prime minister Nawaz Sharif has said that every time democracy starts strengthening in the country, factions of judiciary or army try to wreck it.

Addressing a seminar in Karachi, Nawaz  said that there are several factions within certain institutions which are trying to topple the government which sabotages the very core of democracy, The Express Tribune reported.

Nawaz said that every now and then when the chosen political leaders try to ensure democracy sustains in the country, there are a few biased individuals in the institutions which try to deteriorate that process.

“Every time we looked for support from judiciary, it supported dictatorship instead, leaving us weak,” he maintained.

Political scenario is not completely clear anymore. Even after 70 years why such seminars are needed?” he questioned.

Discussing the doctrine of necessity he said, “Necessity makes lawful which otherwise is unlawful, these remarks were made by Justice Munir’s which show Pakistan in a negative light.”

“I agree with Mahmood Khan Achakzai on Provisional Constitutional Order (PCO) judges. These PCO judges are the reason to destroy Pakistan.”

“Previous government was the first to complete its tenure and we are all well aware of the fact how our tenure was tested every now and then. Everyone knows how I was disqualified, how Balochistan’s government was removed. This is highly unfair,” Nawaz lamented.

“Isn’t it highly unfair that when the judiciary has to face dictatorship they always surrender? When Benazir Bhutto and I signed the Charter of Democracy in 2006 with all parties to outlines steps to end the military rule established by the 1999 Pakistani coup d’état led by Pervez Musharraf and restore civilian democratic rule, I always tried to comply to it. It didn’t make a huge difference because we were still being targetted but it is highly important,” he said.


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