ICJ has no jurisdiction to hear Kulbhushan Jadhav’s conviction case, says Pakistan

Srinagar: The International Court of Justice (ICJ) on Monday heard the case brought up by India pertaining to the sentencing of Indian spy Kulbhushan Jadhav, who was handed a death sentence by a Pakistani Field General Court Martial (FGCM) last month, Dawn reported

Ambassador Moazzam Ahmad Khan, Dr Muhammad Faisal and Syed Faraz Hussain were present at the Peace Palace as members of Pakistan’s legal team.

Khawar Qureshi, Asad Raheem Khan and Joseph Decky were also present on Pakistan’s behalf for the proceedings in The Hague.

Presenting its arguments before the court, Pakistan maintained that the ICJ did not have jurisdiction to hear the Indian application, Radio Pakistan, the state-run broadcasting service, reported.

The arguments for Pakistan were presented by Dr Faisal to the court in The Hague, Netherlands, on Monday.

Dr Faisal said that, according to the Vienna Convention, the court had no jurisdiction to hear such a case.

He further said the Indian spy was sentenced to death after fulfilling all necessary legal procedures and that he was also given legal counsel to defend the allegations against him.

Faisal also showed the court a picture of a passport which he said was found in Jadhav’s possession bearing a completely different “and Muslim” name.

“India has been unable, or perhaps unwilling, to provide an explanation for this passport which is the most obvious indication of covert and illegal activity,” added Faisal.

Lawyer Khawar Qureshi, appearing for Pakistan, earlier argued that: “The ICJ is not a criminal court and cannot decide such type of cases relating to national security.”

He further appealed the court to dismiss the Indian application, saying that “there is no urgency”.

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