‘India-China border face-off was pre-planed to coincide with Modi-Trump meet’

‘India-China border face-off was pre-planed to coincide with Modi-Trump meet’

Srinagar, Jul 3

India planned the trespassing of its troops into Chinese territory to coincide with Prime Minister Narendra Modi’s meeting with President Donald Trump to convey to the US that New Delhi was ready to check China’s rise, Chinese media said, Hindustan times reported today. 

The Indian intrusion came as Modi visited the US and New Delhi announced an anti-dumping move against China – so it was all planned, the state media said, the report added.

“Because the border face-off and the announcement of the anti-dumping probe occurred around the same time as Modi’s two-day visit to the US, people link India’s bravura with the Modi-Trump meeting,” academic Liu Zongyi wrote for the Global Times, a nationalistic tabloid, the report added.

The Indian and Chinese border troops are in a more than two-week-old standoff at Doklam located at the narrow but strategically important tri-junction of India, China and Bhutan, with the three countries barely separated by mountains and passes.

Doklam, or Donglang, which is close to the Sikkim border on India’s northeast, is a disputed territory. While the area is in China, Bhutan has claims over it.

“Apart from territorial dispute, India announced that it would initiate an anti-duping probe against high tenacity polyester yarn from China,” Liu wrote for the tabloid that often critiques India and normally not in a positive light, the report added.

China has accused Indian troops of preventing it from building a road. New Delhi says Beijing’s move is a concern as it changes status quo with serious security implications for India.

The Global Times write-up said India chalked out its moves ahead of Modi’s US visit to impress Tump and the US administration, the report said.

“Modi took two measures to brace for his meeting with Trump. The first one was to seal an arms deal with the US. For America, the weapons deal will not only reap enormous monetary gains from India, but also strengthen India’s advantage in the Indo-Pacific region to check China,” Liu wrote, the newspaper said.

The other was aimed to demonstrate to the US India’s firm determination to contain China’s rise, said Liu is from the influential Shanghai Institutes for International Studies, the report added.

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