Kashmiri youth organises dawah programme to counter Islamophobia, present Islam’s true message

Kashmiri youth organises dawah programme to counter Islamophobia, present Islam’s true message
Inspired by Ahmad Deedat, the famous Islamic orator on Islam and comparative religion, a 27-year-old Kashmiri youth is on an uphill task: to counter Islamophobia and spread the true message of Islam to tourists who visit the Kashmir Valley.

Muhammad Aamir Manzoor, president of Islamic Fraternity, recently concluded his 9-day Dawah programme at tourist spot Sonamarg. 

What was his purpose behind holding the event?

“To present the true image of Islam before the world particularly our non-Muslim brethren, who otherwise are misled by the forces inimical to Islam by their negative portrayal of this religion of peace, is our obligation,” Aamir told Kashmir Narrator.

“So, to dismantle the propaganda that the biased media has created over the period of time among the minds of common people is our prime responsibility which we tried to fulfill through this programme,” says Aamir.

An IF volunteer presents Islamic literature to one of the tourists at Sonamarg. Picture Credit: Islamic Fraternity

Aamir says that his organisation particularly choose the tourist resorts so that their message reaches a wider audience and to hold maximum conversations with non-Muslim tourists.

During the campaign at Sonamarg and Pahalgam, hundreds of non-Muslim tourists interacted with volunteers of Islamic Fraternity, said Aamir.

“Hundreds of tourists expressed surprise as well as regret about the wrong perception they had about Islam. The response was more than expected,” said Sheeraz-ur-Rehmaan Al Qasami, who participated in the programme.

Hayat Ahmad, who was part of the programme, says that the usual misconceptions he came across among the non-Muslim brethren regarding Islam is that Muslims are terrorists, killers and treat women like slave.

“The misconceptions are meant to be cleared. And when it comes to Islam, it is incumbent upon the Muslims to clear the air,” he said.

“The task assumes much importance in the wake of the tirade launched against Islam the world over by its enemies who link it with terrorism and extremism notwithstanding the fact that Islam and terrorism are antonyms. Islam means peace and peace is what the world, which is mired in the quagmire of uncertainties, is in dire need of,” he added.

The youths who participated in this programme has further resolved to organise more such programmes after Ramadan across the valley.

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