Muslim man’s murder: Killer films videos inside jail, says he has no regrets

Muslim man’s murder: Killer films videos inside jail, says he has no regrets

Two videos filmed by Shambhulal Regar, who is currently incarcerated at the Jodhpur Central Jail for hacking and burning to death a Muslim labourer Afrazul Khan last year, are being circulated on the social media. In the videos, which surfaced late on Sunday night, Regar is seen speaking for several minutes with most of his words being anti-Islam propaganda, reports The Indian Express. Police said they are probing how Regar got access to a mobile phone inside the jail and filmed the videos

Regar also alleges that his life is under threat from a fellow prisoner.

Regar had murdered Khan on December 6 last year and filmed the act with the help of his minor nephew. In a series of videos, Regar had gone on a long, anti-Islam diatribe over issues such as ‘love jihad’ following the murder.

In the latest videos, Regar starts by saying that this is his ‘last’ message which he is writing from the Jodhpur central jail. “The jail administration has kept me in one of the most protected cells but still a person called Vasudev Brahman met me. Brahman is from West Bengal and is also a prisoner here. Slowly, he tried to befriend me and would criticise Islam and expressed his solidarity with me which made me suspicious,” says Regar in the video.

He goes on to allege that the name Vasudev Brahman is not the man’s real identity.

“One day, at the time of defecation I was shocked to see his circumcised private parts and realised he is not a Brahmin… This is the strength of jihadis who in spite of all protections managed to reach me and want to kill me,” Regar is seen claiming in the video.

Dressed in a jacket and equipped with earphones, Regar appears to be reading from a pre-written script in the videos.

In a chargesheet filed in January, the Rajsamand police had reached the conclusion that Regar had an illegitimate relationship with the woman whom he referred to as his ‘Hindu sister’ in the videos.

In an alleged second video allegedly shot inside the jail, Regar denies this and says he has no regrets for his actions but ‘felt bad’ that the law and the media portrayed him as the one who had an illicit relationship with the woman.

Vikram Singh, superintendent of Jodhpur central jail told The Indian Express that the mobile phone used to film the video hasn’t been recovered.

“He (Regar) is saying that he had used someone else’s mobile phone to film the videos. There’s no truth in his allegations that his life is in danger. The other man he refers to is from West Bengal is indeed a Brahmin by caste and was arrested for possessing opium,” said Singh.

He added that preliminary investigation suggests the videos could have been filmed from a bathroom in the jail.

“Regar is currently being kept at a separate barrack. He did come to meet me a few days ago and said that he wanted to go to the general barrack. We are trying to find out that how he managed to get access to the phone and filmed the videos,” said Singh.

(Shambhulal Regar who hacked  and burnt alive Afrazul (inset) in Rajasthan./ The Indian Express)

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