Netizens burst with laughter over Pakistani’s circumcision card

Srinagar: A circumcision card of a Pakistani child in Punjab’s Bahawalpur is bursting the netizens with laughter with its programme list that features “taking of trousers” to boy’s “crying and comforting”.

Here is the card:

The two-day circumcision programme was scheduled to be conducted in November 2017 with the “blessed hands of renowned circumcision doctor Shafeeq”. The programme starts with the “custom of awakening” of the child at 8 am on Thursday, 23 November. The next day starts with the custom of “taking of trousers” of the child at 11 am.

A netizen sarcastically wrote that the programme tells us the trousers are to be taken off this time but doesn’t indicate when the trousers shall be put on. He was readily replied by another netizen: I think you aren’t circumcised. Don’t you know the child is not supposed to put the trousers after the circumcision till the organ heals.

At 1 pm, the programme says, the child’s circumcision is to be done. The family has even put the crying and comforting of their child in the programme list. Mysteriously, both things are to be done within half an hour. That means men want women folk to do the job on a war footing as the next item in the programme is of paramount importance: the lunch, to be served at 2 pm.

Circumcision is one of the important acts among the Muslims worldwide. In fact, all the semitic religions – Judaism, Christianity and Islam – trace the practice back to Prophet Ibrahim (AS).

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