No evidence provided by India against Hafiz Saeed: Pakistan PM

No evidence provided by India against Hafiz Saeed: Pakistan PM

Pakistan Prime Minister Shahid Khaqan Abbasi has said that if India thinks there is substance to its allegations against Jamaatud Dawa (JuD) chief Hafiz Saeed it should pursue charges against him at an international forum.

Abbasi, in an interview with Bloomsburg News, said that the Lahore High Court had decided to release the JuD leader as there were no charges against Saeed, and that the decision to free him was within the bounds of the law.

“The court, a three-judge bench, has released him saying there are no charges against him, the country has a law you know,” Abbasi told Bloomberg. “Prosecute him internationally if there is substance to these charges ─ these are accusations only. No evidence has been provided by India.”

According to Bloomberg, India claimed it has provided evidence to Pakistan. However, Indian Foreign Ministry Spokesman Raveesh Kumar did not respond to requests for comments, the report said.

The prime minister also brushed aside United States (US) accusations that Pakistan provides sanctuary to militant groups, saying that attacks in the region are originating from Afghanistan.

PM Abbasi said that Pakistan would act against terrorists found within its borders, including those belonging to the Haqqani network.

“We have asked the US to share any intelligence about the Haqqani network and we will take action against them,” Abbasi said.

Abbasi added: “We have pinpointed the sanctuaries of the attackers. Cross-border infiltration from Afghanistan is the order of the day.”

“There is no room for them (the US and Afghanistan) to take a tough stance here, because Pakistan has been on the front-lines of war on terror,” PM Abbasi maintained.

According to PM Abbasi, if somebody gives Pakistan intelligence regarding terrorist presence, the country will act upon it, as “it is our war, not theirs”.

When asked if Pakistan would move against Taliban leaders who have allegedly lived in Quetta for years, Abbasi said that Pakistan would act against those leaders “if they actually exist”.

Abbasi reiterated that US President Donald Trump’s bid to increase the number of US troops in Afghanistan would end in failure and that it would be better if the Afghan government and Taliban to agreed to peace talks.

We have assured them of whatever assistance we will be able to offer, but things are quite fragmented on the Afghan side, PM Abbasi said.

“Pakistan has tried to get the dialogue going twice but the talks have been sabotaged,” Abbasi said.


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