Russia, Iran back Pakistan, censure Trump’s Afghan policy

Russia, Iran back Pakistan, censure  Trump’s Afghan policy

A day after Russia warned the US administration against piling up pressure on Pakistan, Iran has censured Donald Trump’s new Afghanistan strategy, saying Washington is employing ‘destabilising’ policies in the region.

Earlier this week, the US president announced 4,000 new troops for deployment to Afghanistan, backtracking from his earlier promise to end America’s longest war.

Trump had also accused Pakistan of providing “safe havens to terrorists.”

Iran said the US must  “stop interfering in the internal affairs of other countries”.

“What the US today is condemning other countries for is the very outcome of its own wrong and irrational policies over the years in the region and particularly in Afghanistan,” Iranian Foreign Ministry spokesperson Bahram Qassemi said Thursday night, reported PressTV.

Washington’s “opportunistic strategies and unilateral policies, coupled with its interventions, have only intensified chaos and tension and spread terrorism and extremism across the region,” he added.

Advising the White House against adopting intruding policies and deciding for other nations, Qassemi said, “The countries of the region have the required capacity to cooperate on the fight against terrorism and maintain stability and security in their own region.”

Russian presidential envoy to Afghanistan Zamir Kabulov had on Tuesday insisted that Pakistan was “a key regional player to negotiate with”.

“Putting pressure [on Pakistan] may seriously destabilise the region-wide security situation and result in negative consequences for Afghanistan,” Kabulov had said. .

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