Son killed for embracing Islam, mother protests by converting to Islam

Srinagar: The mother of a man in Malappuram district of Kerala who was hacked to death by a gang of unidentified men after embracing Islamic faith, protests the killing of her son by becoming Muslim, the Indian Express reported on Friday.

“Faisal, who was earlier known as Anil Kumar, was given a piece of advice by a local Muslim cleric after becoming a Muslim: Seek protection from the community. Faisal had then told him, “After embracing Islam, I have entrusted everything to Allah (God). If they want to kill me, let them,” the report said.

A report in The News Minute said Faisal’s mother Meenakshi (56) has also now converted to Islam taking the name of Jameela, the report said, adding that she told the website that her religious conversion was a way of getting even with Faisal’s killers.

“He became a Muslim by choice. No one compelled him. It was his decision. But he was not allowed to live.’’ Faisal’s father Krishnan Nair had told the Indian Express earlier. Some of their relatives were apparently not happy with the decision to convert to Islam, the report said.

In Malappuram, where Muslims constitute 70 per cent of the population, Faisal’s death is the second case of a convert to Islam being killed, the report said. In 1998, Ayyappan, a part-time temple priest, had been hacked to death, allegedly by workers of the RSS, after he converted to Islam and took on the name Yasir, the report said further.

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