In Pics: Srinagar Airport toilets in shambles

Who let the dog in? A dog inside a washroom at Srinagar ‘International’ Airport. Photos: Mohammad Aamir

Welcome to Srinagar Airport: Taps without knobs. Bottles and sticks blocking the drain.

Another washroom at the airport in a dilapidated condition.

While in different parts of India people use bottles to defecate in the fields, people who avail Srinagar Airport washrooms facilities have no choice but to use them even inside toilets.

Choked all the way. Nauseating smell emanates from these blocked urinals in the airport washrooms.

Heap of discarded metals and chairs lie unattended on the rooftop of a tin shed at the airport.

Electric switches lie open at another washroom in the airport.

Rust stain on a porcelain sink at the airport has remained unattended for many years.

Swachh Bharat toilets scheme: Sit on the commode in a reverse direction to maximise the use of water.

Use stones save water. Officials at Srinagar airport save water by placing stones on top of defunct taps.

Eroding base: Tourists will see this when they will land at the Srinagar ‘International’ Airport.

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