Sukma attack was because of soldiers sexually abusing tribal women, say Maoists: Report

Sukma attack was because of soldiers sexually abusing tribal women, say Maoists: Report

Srinagar: The Dand Karanya Special Zonal Committee (DKSZC) of the Communist Party of India (Maoist) on Thursday claimed that the Sukma attacks were in retaliation to the alleged sexual violence by security forces against tribal women in the conflict zone, a report published in The Hindu on Friday said.

The outlawed outfit owned up the two back-to-back attacks on the security forces in Sukma district of south Chhattisgarh in the last 50 days which resulted in the death of 37 Central Reserve Police Force personnel, the report said.

“The PLGA (CPI (Maoist)’s military wing People’s Liberation Guerrilla Army) launched the Chintagufa-Burkapal attack (on the security forces on April 24, 2017) to give an answer to (the government’s) mission 2017 and the fake (Maoist) surrender campaign. We congratulate the PLGA, its leadership, commanders and the people of Dand Karanya for their active support. This attack (Burkapal attack) was just an extension of the Bhejji attack (on the CRPF in March 2017). These attacks are retaliatory, defensive, to defeat anti-people policies and to take forward the pro people struggle,” said the DKSZC spokesperson ‘Vikalp’ in an audio clip according to the report.

“These attacks should be seen as retaliation against the sexual atrocities that are being committed by the security forces against the tribal women and girls in the conflict zone. It should also be seen as an answer to the countless incidents of sexual violence which is a blot on any civilised society. Bhejji and Chintagufa-Burkapal attacks should be seen as (retaliatory) attacks for the dignity and respect of tribal women. These attacks are being carried out to liberate the tribal people in conflict areas from the inhuman atrocities they facing from the security forces,” Vikalp was quoted by the report saying.

“The roads, railway lines and mobile towers are being constructed for the protection of paramilitary forces and the police in these areas in the garb of providing relief to the common public, but it is being done to loot natural resources, to exploit common masses and to make sure easy transport of security forces. To oppose this open loot and to make sure these resources are used for the welfare of the common public, these retaliatory attacks are being carried out.”

The Maoist spokesperson denied that the dead bodies of CRPF jawans were mutilated by the PLGA, the report added.

“We don’t treat the dead bodies of the jawans killed in the PLGA attacks with disrespect. It is the corporate media which is falsely propagating that private parts of some jawans were mutilated by the PLGA (in the Burkapal attack). In fact, it is the police and the paramilitary forces who give such treatment to the dead bodies of PLGA members killed in encounters. Many dead bodies of the Maoists have been mutilated (by the security forces) and they also delayed in giving the dead bodies to their family members. The security forces also clicked objectionable pictures of our women PLGA members killed in fighting and spread them on social media,” the Maoist leader alleged according to the report.

The Maoist leader also appealed the jawans of security forces and lower level police constabulary to give up government jobs and participate in the “people’s struggle”, the report added.

“The jawans are not our enemies, least of all our class enemies. But they are coming in the way of public welfare by being a part of the government’s exploitative and anti-people machinery. We appeal to the lower level officers of the paramilitary forces and the jawans to stop fighting for the exploitative politicians, big contractors, national and international corporate, mafias, goons and Brahminic, Hindutva fascist people who are by nature against the Dalits, the tribals, religious minorities, and women. Don’t lose your life protecting such people and their property. Give up the government jobs and participate in the people’s struggle,” Vikalp was quoted by the report saying.

Reacting to the Maoists’ statement, Chhattisgarh’s Special Director-General of Police D.M. Awasthi said that he will look into it and check its authenticity, the report said.

“The security forces do not commit any kind of atrocities and there have been no such instances. The human rights commission is dealing with some cases which were reported,” the DGP was quoted saying.

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