Taking cue from Hizb, Lashkar releases video on social media

Taking cue from Hizb, Lashkar releases video on social media

Srinagar, June 7: In an apparent move to follow in the footsteps of Hizbul Mujahideen outfit, the Lashkar-e-Toiba has released a video on social media, trying to make its presence felt on the virtual ‘battlefield’.

The video clip shows a masked militant with a pistol in his hand talking about the ‘Kashmir freedom struggle’. The speaker is surrounded by eight masked gun-yielding militants with Pakistan flag and Lashkar flag in the background.

“India has lost the battle on every front. The Kashmiri freedom struggle is going in the right direction,” the militant says in the video.

Apparently, it seems that the voice has been added later to the video and the masked militant is only making the gestures.

The video may be an attempt to bridge the gap between militant ranks after self-ousted Hizb commander Zakir Musa drew new faultlines in 27-year-old Kashmiri insurgency by calling Pakistan “an apostate state”.

“We want Pakistan to strengthen Kashmir’s freedom movement on every front and expose India’s treacherous face,” the militant says in the video.

However, the militant dubs ISIS and Al-Qaeda as “Khawariji and Takfiri” groups and claims that the Kashmiris have “rejected their ideologies”.

“They have killed their own Muslims and have rendered strength to the plans of enemies … India, through various slogans, is trying to disunite the militant ranks… Kashmiri militants have set aside all differences and have made freedom of Kashmir and supremacy of Islam paramount,” the militant says in the video.

He called the fight against “Indian occupation in Kashmir” as a part of ‘Ghazwa-e-Hind’, the ‘promised battle’ against India in Islamic religious texts.

“To retaliate against the oppression against you (Kashmiris) is our obligation and a debt. We shall fight to the last drop of blood”, the militant ends his speech in 4:44-minute video.

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