To hide its shame, KU removes expired fire extinguishers from campus

To hide its shame, KU removes expired fire extinguishers from campus

Srinagar: Two days after a guest house was partially damaged in Kashmir University’s Naseem Bagh, the varsity officials removed the hand written expiry and manufacturing dates on fire extinguishers present in various departments. 

However, after finding it difficult to hide the mismanagement at the varsity, the expired extinguishers were removed from the campus. 

Kashmir Narrator had asked the officials on Friday to answer as to why expired fire extinguishers were put on walls to which they replied that they are ascertaining the facts about the allegation.

However, a source at the varsity said that the officials directed employees to remove the expiry labels from the fire extinguishers on Friday itself to disprove the assertion.

After the inferno at Zabarwan guest house on Thursday evening, many officials were shocked to find out that the fire extinguishers present in a number of departments of the varsity are expired.

“We were shocked beyond belief when we found that the fire extinguisher in our hands have expired in 2013,” said a KU official who wishes not to be named.

The official ratified his saying by sending a picture of a fire extinguisher of a KU department with expiry date as 2013.

Another picture of the fire extinguisher had the expiry tag tampered and only the digits “200” were left behind. See picture below:


However, PRO VC, Faheem Aslam, dismissed the allegation as baseless and said that all the equipments are updated.

“Anyone can take a picture from anywhere and say it is from Kashmir University. How can one claim that this is from our University,” Aslam told Narrator on Friday.

Some extinguishers have the manufacturing date handwritten on it which the experts say is “suspicious”.

Director Fire and Emergency services Kashmir Range, RK Hak said that any quality fire extinguisher will have the manufacturing date engraved on it.

When Hak was informed by this reporter that the fire extinguishers to KU are supplied by a company from Hamdania colony, Bemina, he excused himself of “spilling the beans” about the company.

“Everyone knows there reality let me not comment on it,” he told Narrator over phone.

Chief Proctor Naseer Iqbal sought time to reply to the accusation on Friday. By the time this report was filed, Iqbal didn’t respond.

However, he did text this to this reporter:

Here is a fire extinguisher hanging in one of the hostels in KU. It has the manufacturing date hand written on it as 2014. Though experts say that ABC type fire extinguishers are effective up to five years from their manufacturing date, however, the date need to be engraved on the cylinder and not handwritten.


However, as the pressure mounted on the officials, they completely removed the fire extinguishers from the varsity. An source sent this picture from the varsity which shows fire extinguishers removed from the Humanity block of the campus:

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