Want to remain active in Islamic dawah, says recently acquitted Kashmiri

Srinagar: When Mohammad Hussain Fazili was finally acquitted by a trial court in Delhi on February 16 this year for a crime he had not committed, he had made up his mind that he is going to spend rest of his life in the propagation of Islamic teachings (dawah).

Incarceration devoured twelve precious years of Fazili in various jails. And when finally he landed out of the jail, he set his search for an organisation where he can perform his religious duty of dawah.

“I found Muslim Deeni Mahaz (MDM) a good platform where I can perform my religious duty of dawah. So I joined it,” Fazili told Kashmir Narrator, adding that the primary inspiration behind joining MDM was its incarcerated Ameer Dr Muhammad Qasim Faktoo.

“Qasim sahib is a great scholar and we are obliged to be in the company of such scholars. He was my jailmate and I have learned a lot through him,” Fazili says, adding that he wants to work simply as a member in the organisation.

Fazili was one of the three Kashmiris who was acquitted by a Delhi court this year. He, along with Muhammad Rafiq Shah and Tariq Ahmad Dar, was detained on charges of being part of the 2005 Delhi blasts that killed 67 people.


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