Watch: Zakir Musa finds mention in wedding song

Watch: Zakir Musa finds mention in wedding song

Al-Qaeda’s Kashmir representative Zakir Rashid Bhat aka Zakir Musa is now a household name in the Valley. After drawing new fault lines in the three-decade-long insurgency in Kashmir, men, women, and children chant his name in every nook and cranny of the Valley. 

Now, the oft-repeated slogan: Musa Musa, Zakir Musa, has become the new war cry in Kashmir. Be it a funeral of a militant, a protest or a wedding, Zakir finds a mention every time. So much so, when two flights carrying Kashmiris haj pilgrims were denied landing at the Srinagar airport on September 8, the Zakir slogans were heard at the ‘Srinagar International airport’.

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However, critics say that Zakir has failed to maintain a consistent ‘criticism policy’. They say that when girl student hit streets protesting against alleged police highhandedness in April this year, Zakir was quick to issue a statement against their protest.

“When it is unIslamic for girls to engage in stone-pelting with forces and Zakir wasted no time in condemning it, how come he is not issuing any statement when people are chanting slogans in his name, making him the godfather of the resistance movement,” says one such critic.

People come and go, the critic says, however, the movement keeps on going. “So we must not allow any leader, whether militant or otherwise, to steal the show.”

In this video, women are seen chanting azadi slogans while beating tambourines and tumbak naris.

Zakir is periodically issuing audio statements on the internet.

“Let us wait and watch whether he sees any unIslamic things in these videos or he is loving it,” the critic says.

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