Zakir Musa bashes ‘slave’ Pakistan army, government in new audio

In a new audio, the head of the al-Qaeda linked Ansar Ghazwat-Ul-Hind, has said Kashmiri “mujahideen don’t need permission for jihad from any state or certificates from hypocrites.”

“ Our fight is not against the 20 crore Pakistani Muslims but the slave army and government of Pakistan who betrayed the Kashmir jihad and mujahideen,” Zakir Musa is heard saying in a nine-minute long audio clip.

Musa said the Kashmiri freedom movement has been through many  phases. “ There was a time when azaadi was said to be a few days away. And then the Indian army and Ikhwanis crossed all limits of oppression  spreading terror and hopelessness all around Kashmir. Muhajir mujahideen  came and turned despair into hope . It appeared that India’s days in Kashmir were numbered but following the  2001 attack on Afghanistan by America, our so-called supporters— the Pakistani government and army—  betrayed us by labelling mujahideen as terrorists and closing down training camps ,” he is heard saying  .

“ So much so that Pakistan even got mujahideen associated with Kashmir jihad  killed or jailed.  Pakistan back-stabbed the jihad-e-Kashmir .”

Musa said since the 1990s  mujahideen including Ashfaq Majeed Wani and Abdullah Bangroo had sacrificed their lives for “shariyat ya shahadat.”

“They may not have had the opportunity to express their feelings but that does not mean that their heart beat for anything else except Islam ,” he said.

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