Zakir says Kashmir banega Dar ul Islam; praises Al-Qaeda, rejects Pakistan’s support

Zakir says Kashmir banega Dar ul Islam; praises Al-Qaeda, rejects Pakistan’s support

Srinagar: In yet another audio message, former Hizbul Mujahideen commander Zakir Bhat aka Moosa offers his thanks for Afghanistan Al-Qaeda “who have in their Navae Afghan Jihad (Al-Qaeda magazine) concurred with our slogan: Shariah or martyrdom.”

In a seven-minute audio clip released on Monday, Zakir says that his struggle will continue for the “establishment of the Shariah in Kashmir”.

Zakir, however, says that there is no disagreement between different militant factions in Kashmir and “will continue to work in tandem”.

“I have not joined any new organisation. We are a group and we have not given it any name. We are working under the banner of Tawheed,” Zakir says.

Reacting to the two militant outfits Kashmiri Taliban and Harkat-ul-Mujahideen, who offered Zakir to join their respective organisations, Zakir says, “I want to tell them that I won’t be taking orders from people sitting on carpets in Pakistan and working for Taghoot-i-Nizam. Allah is enough for me.”

He also says that he was always “against the accession to Taghoot-i-nizam (a reference to Pakistan).”

Zakir, also a native of Tral town like Burhan, took over from the latter after his death on July 8 last year. Before picking up arms, he was studying an engineering course in a Chandigarh college where he is believed to have lived a carefree life.

He reiterates the threat that he issued on Friday to “secular Hurriyat leaders” who are fighting for a political cause, not Islamic cause.

“If at all we will kill a hypocrite, we will be releasing a video about the same so that no confusion will be created,” he says.

Zakir also reiterates his stance than they are not fighting for nationalism. He says that their only slogan is “Shariah or martyrdom”.

Quoting from Afzal Guru’s, the parliament attack convict who was hanged in 2013, book Aaina, Zakir says that “Jihad for the sake of the US, UNO is a disgrace in the name of Jihad.”

“We shall aside our disagreements aside and will fight against the Indian occupation together. We won’t allow them to take advantage of our disagreement,” says Zakir, adding that he wants to tell them they won’t be able to fool them.

He claims that all the militants work for the establishment of the Shariah and says Kashmir banega Dar ul Islam.

The former Hizb commander stirred up a hornet’s nest on last Friday when he threatened of killings those Hurriyat leaders who claim the Kashmir struggle as political, not Islamic.

Consequently, the militant outfit leaders based in Pakistan-administered Kashmir termed his statement as “unacceptable” and termed it as his “personal opinion”.

Following the snub, Zakir posted another audio clip where he announced his disassociation from the militant outfit and clarified that the warning was meant for “secular Hurriyat leaders”.

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