Cross Question

Has civil society failed to tackle issues faced by the society?

Point Kashmir is actually suffering from a systemic failure. The civil society (whatever that means in our unique setting) is partly responsible for this failure. We have an administrative system with a plethora of departments. Each department has a mandate. For example, we have Social Welfare Department, Drug and Food Control department, Police department and […]

Should on-campus student politics be allowed?

Point Dr Naseer Iqbal Chief Proctor, Kashmir University There is no room for student politics in our university. We don’t want them to waste their time in politics at an immature stage of their life. Their prime concern should be to excel in academics. We have already lost 27 years in conflict; we don’t want […]

Moral decadence Who’s responsible—elders or youth?

POINT Elders have utterly failed to transmit moral values to the younger generation. The pomp and show of the western civilisation has swayed our youth and elders are to blame for not educating them about its pitfalls. Youth seek instant gratification and pleasure. Elders don’t educate youth about things like patience. Our personal greed has […]

Has the academia failed Kashmir?

Has the academia failed Kashmir?

Prof Ashraf Wani Dean Academics, University of Kashmir Frankly the academia has not played its role. We are in a problem since 1947. Academicians in Kashmir have not come up with any solution to this problem. They have remained silent and turned a blind eye to the happenings, to the loss of lives here. The […]