Misogynists. Patriarchal. Sure, call us names

In a long monologue recently delivered by Chief Minister Mehbooba Mufti in the assembly, there were a few words of significant import. Usually Mehbooba’s belaboured statements have little substance but a lot more self-serving rhetoric, self-defence inanities and perpetual references to her late father’s imagined ‘vision’. This statement, made in the context of the alleged […]

Our dirty dark underbelly

That a large number of Kashmiris are involved in spying for the state is a fact all too well known. It is probably ‘normal’ in a place like Kashmir where people see the state as an entity of occupation and the state is constantly looking for collaborators and informers to maintain its writ. The people […]

The Mehbooba Moment?

After Mufti Mohammad Sayeed’s death, analysts believed his daughter would step into his place without any hassles. Many expected Mehbooba Mufti to re-brand the party and effect a change from her father’s surreptitious ways of conducting politics. But the way she has gone around things post-Mufti shows ambivalence and ambiguity are in the DNA of […]

Beyond commonplace

Kashmir Narrator welcomes you on board. We are taking a small step. Towards you. Towards some serious journalism. We are not promising any path breaking journalism though. Nor is this magazine a terms-and-conditions publication set by those who draw illicit power from Kashmir’s multiple political and security faultlines, some of which stretch across the border. […]