Russian girl embraces Islam in Kashmir

Russian girl embraces Islam in Kashmir

By Aasif Sultan

Srinagar: A Russian girl today embraced Islam as her religion on the hands of Deputy Grand Mufti of Jammu and Kashmir Mufti Nasir-ul-Islam at his office in Srinagar.

The Deputy Grand Mufti identified the Russian girl as Olav Alexander, 33, who has been given the new Islamic name Neelofar.

“She had thorough knowledge about Islam and used to visit India frequently. She was proficient in English language and today, in front of local witnesses, she embraced Islam as her religion,” Mufti Nasir told Narrator, adding that she is soon going to be married here in the Valley.

Before embracing Islam, she was professing the Christian faith, Nasir added.

Though her parents are still Christians, she is inviting them to the Islamic faith with “beautiful preaching”, Mufti Nasir said.

“We witness at least two conversions per day. This a normal affair here. Even today, two local Sikh youth accepted Islam on my hand,” Mufti Nasir said.

The Islamic court of which Mufti Nasir is Deputy Grand Mufti and his father Mufti Basheer-ud-Din is Grand Mufti is recognised by the state government. His family has for generations held the hereditary office.

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    By: Aasif Sultan

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