While India queues outside ATMs, China mints money

Srinagar: If you ever doubted the saying: God made China and rest was Made in China, consider this picture:



Though there is dearth of Rs 500 and Rs 2000 currency in India, China-made purses with pictures of both the currency notes are available in abundance.

China has once again proved that it doesn’t waste time when it comes to creating copies of things people are in dire need of. While India has been overwhelmed with what former Finance Minister P Chidambaram calls “demonisation of currency”, China have made wallets out of its new currency.

Pictures of the purses have gone viral on WhatsApp and on other social media platforms. Netizens said that these are “made in China”. However, the authenticity of the circulating images is not clear, even though it shocked one and all.

One user sharing the picture on Twitter wrote, “ATMs are struggling to give out enough notes, but China has already made purses with 2000 note!!”

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