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I somehow felt foolish and embarrassed in trying to explain the realpolitik of the situation to a man who had unflinching faith in his cause and wanted Kashmir’s merger with Pakistan.

Khursheed Kasuri, ex-Pakistan Foreign Minister about his vain attempt to rope in Syed Ali Geelani to agree to the Musharraf formula, in an interview with Kashmir Ink



Why would I write something which is not true? It is not a propaganda.

A S Dulat, former Indian spymaster on his book Kashmir the Vajpayee Years



The unrelenting repression of separatists reflects a pathetic admission that it is they, not Mufti or the Abdullahs, who represent the people despite periodic elections.

A G Noorani, author and lawyer, in an article in a Pak daily Dawn

Nawaz Sharif.


Seven of our soldiers get martyred in return for a cup of tea with Nawaz Sharif.

Shiv Sena, Hindu right-wing party, in an editorial in its official mouthpiece Saamana

Pathankot attack


We would like to have solid information to build a case for action otherwise courts intervene and the suspects are bailed out.

An unnamed Pak official during PM Nawaz Sharief’s high-level meeting about Pathankot attack

Shahid Afridi,


In Kashmir, ravaged by conflict for decades, youngsters worshipping the silky pursuits of Shahid Afridi, bat as Hashim Amla in their manic games in fields shaded by towering Chinar trees.

Assad Essa, journalist, in a piece on Aljazeera.com




Unite to win. Divide to conquer

Donald Trump, Republican Presidential candidate, in a speech



For Saudi Arabia, sometimes it’s not enough to simply behead a person who has run afoul of the government: On some occasions, there’s nothing like crucifixion to make your point.

Jefferey Goldberg, writer, in Atlantic magazine on Shia cleric Sheikh Nimr’s beheading

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